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What’s happening at Karatbar International

Karatbar International is preparing for the future and preparing people for what’s surely coming. An alternate currency (real money, gold) accepted worldwide not connected to any “Rothschild” bank! A private independent worldwide uncorrupted monetary system!

Find out about Karatbars and statistics that will amaze you.


Karatbars are adorned by the LBMA stamp, which is a symbol governments and individuals have come to respect around the globe for Refineries that meet the stringent Good Delivery practices.

Karatbar International gold moneyIt’s almost mind boggling to imagine, this is truly a modern day crusade. It is already a reality, the last few pieces now being put in place, always a work in progress.

There is right now a moment in time open for opportunity seeking people to become instrumental in helping their fellow man. Understanding the problem and what the solution is, what it takes to appreciate this brilliance…read on.

Jesus Christ said it best, (the rich oppress the poor)! The rich have no better way of oppressing the poor than through totally corrupt worldwide monetary systems. Private hidden International bankers have succeeded in, by stealth, increments and working together, controlling of the monetary systems of the world, becoming the real and shadow governments. Many people cannot bring themselves to believe this is the case, they have been that deceived not being able to comprehend it. The rich want world domination and control with no opposition, absolute power and control, it’s in their nature.

A very unheard of group is now having trial meetings, “World Constitution and Parliament” wonderful sounding name, this is one of their next moves. Some people have a hard time believing they have been deliberately enslaved, there is no excuse for this any longer as there is sufficient information available now proving it beyond any reasonable doubt.

Karatbar International Gold Money and the Solution

A private independent worldwide uncorrupted monetary system! I hope you realize how big how important how timely this solution is. Here is where the Karatbar International gold money solution is now, it’s growing fast, the talk is Karatbar International will be exploding onto the world scene.

“Karatbar” International has become the brand name, KB Gold, KB Vision, KB head office is located in Germany, KB stands for Kapitol and Business. KB is a group of over 25 companies. Having a 17 year business history, gold money first came out in a few European countries three years ago through KB, due to the success the decision was made to take it worldwide. 55 countries are open now with some more open with a few restrictions, the goal is 194 countries. New countries are opening fast.

It should be noted KB is debt free fully self funded group that owns the mines, refineries, minting and distribution rights. Regional offices are being set up around the world in strategic locations, there are worldwide tours taking place now, KB officials meeting with leading distributors and interested parties. This is history in the making, the biggest undertaking in Internet history. KB has also prepared in advance, production to be increased from 50,000 product cards daily to 500,000.

With all that’s happening at once behind the scenes, I have not gotten to a few other important things taking place yet. Merchant accounts for one and banks not connected to “Rothschild”. Merchants have and are getting on board with Karatbar International, there are several reasons for this, it’s up and running now however a few finishing touches are in the works. There are “point of sale” merchants and online merchants now however, there will be a flood of them soon. Here’s why!

A private independent worldwide uncorrupted monetary system!
What happens when “fiat” currencies crash (default)? Notice, “when not if”! This is where the current corrupt monetary systems are headed. Your seeing it happening around the world right now “banks taking over countries” with some people now waking up to what’s really been going on. People are not protesting worldwide for nothing, they are angry, I say it’s about time and it’s not over. It is causing the elitist’s to take notice, they’re secrets are not so secret now.

If you’re someone that believes government (politicians) and courts are going to take care of these problems, including the people that created them here (some bankers), your lobotomy was a complete success.

Karatbar International Gold Money some more why

Karatbar International is currently negotiating with banks not connected to Rothschild and improving the online merchant account system, hopefully now you’ve connected the dots, a working private monetary system that’s fully functional when the fiat currency crashes. Online and offline, do you now see where Karatbar International is going, the size and importance of the undertaking, a few other important things “private vaults” non-seizure countries.

Karatbar International has/is covering all the bases. There is no other company in the world that is anywhere near Karatbar International, it’s years ahead of it’s time. What are your future plans? Are you looking for a job? Do you want to be part of this crusade? Do you want to protect your future and families future. Your welcome to join and get in touch it’s all free. Click Below.

Karatbar International Gold Money


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