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Gold and silver trends, higher prices!silver trends


Few people understand what’s going on. Many believe prices have peaked, many believe prices are going to drop. The saying “depends who you listen too” means a lot here. Here is a recording with Bob Chapman done on April 22, 2011. It’s 50 minutes but very insightful; Bob has been in silver 50 years so he is someone that should be listened too. He owned the largest gold and silver company in England at one time so if any knows what gold and silver trends should be he does.

I’m of the belief gold and silver trends, prices will continue to go higher, much higher and much faster.

I agree with Bob Chapman on gold and silver trends, I say this because I’ve watched these bankers for 17 years and know they cannot be trusted. The point Bob makes about them being nervous is well founded, what they’ve been doing has caught up to them. They have done themselves in so I really don’t have to take it any further it’s their problem. The dollar is killing itself and gold silver trends looking better all the time.

I have some gut feelings on some of what the fallout is going to be, people are going to be scrambling to find gold and silver for one, many in the business will not be able to be supplied. People also need to know they can sell back gold and silver when the time comes. There are many more factors at play here and I recommend a company that without doubt is the best in the world for doing business with.

silver trends

Bad enough people are really misinformed about gold and silver, it’s why they are misinformed that bothers me. Banks and government don’t like people buying gold and silver (the physical) Gold and silver work against government and bankers attempts to keep people in servitude. Gold and silver going up in value while dollar goes down, people need to know this is deliberate. There should be no doubt about it.

100% of all fiat currencies crash (debt crash) the only good news is gold and silver carry no 3rd party risk, converting or exchanging fiat currency for gold and silver is not buying anything gold and silver are money. Converting is putting you’re money back on a gold standard.

Here is information about gold and silver trends and the real value provided. Short video and sign up form for free account, affordable gold and silver in grams, plus available savings accounts bullion backed.

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gold and silver trends

The gold and silver trends indicate that we are still looking at bargain prices.

The gold and silver trends of the past will help us understand the gold and silver trends of the future, supply and demand, undervalued, manufacturing demand on silver, paper vs physical, rampant over printing of fiat currencies, suppressed prices of gold and silver, various countries buying as much physical gold and silver as possible, these are just some of the major factors.

I suggest you get connected with us, we have the ability to bring you up to speed quickly with information on all these things so you can make intelligent decisions. You can be connected to a community of very informed people ( free) who truly want you to have this information on future gold and silver trends.

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